If you’re looking for a fun, fresh way to get to know your partner better, check out The Question Game, one of the most romantic games for couples. 

There are three categories of questions:

  • Easy,
  • Medium,
  • Difficult. 

An easy question could be ‘What is your favorite movie, and why?’, while a difficult question might ask ‘What exactly is it about me that drew you to me?’

Rules Of The Question Game For Couples

You take turns choosing a category and asking a question from it. The person being asked has two choices. They can answer honestly, or they can skip the question and choose to give the other person a consolation prize.

Both you and your partner should come up with these prizes before the game begins, and they should be focused towards doing something nice for the other person. Some examples of prizes could include a foot massage, cooking a special dinner, a free hugs voucher, or anything else you think your partner would like.

If you choose to skip the question and give your partner a consolation prize, they can use the prize anytime they want, whether right at that moment or six months in the future.

Be creative, have fun, and fall more in love as the game goes on!

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