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Travel ebook written by the owners of Relations Hacker platform, Karolina and Patryk Klesta. Not only they are a great couple, but also travel experts and digital nomads. In their ebook How to Spend Less on Travel they are revealing their secret on how to travel in a luxury on a budget. It does sound crazy but it's actually pretty easy to do!

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Spending a night with your partner in the new bed can be really exciting! It will definitely improve your love life and spice up your relationship.

Below you can find an easy search tool. Just type in your destination and (optionally) booking period and choose the best hotel to stay in.


Say YES to the adventure! With the search tool that you can see below, traveling is so much easier. Just type in the place you want to fly, enter the booking period and click 'Search' button.

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Did you ever forget about important date like anniversary of your relationship or your partner birthday?

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