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Do you feel bored, tired, disappointed with your relationship? Do you have bright, happy memories from your first dates, when you felt desired and attractive? Is your life nothing like that right now?

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Something that will turn your life upside down and change your relationship for the better. Your partner will fall in love with you again, you will feel younger, sexier and admired, Forget about cheating, sex with your partner will be amazing again. You will have fun together and talk till the sun comes up.Your friends will be jealous of your relationship but you won't even care! 

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Mike was an average guy from the little town. At the college, he met his wife and they started a new life together in the big city.
Mike has a nice home and a car now.
Every day, when he comes back from work, he wants to relax, sometimes by doing nothing, sometimes by playing games or hanging out with friends.

But... there is his wife
She wants:
- to hear that she is beautiful and that he loves her
- to be invited for dates
- to spend time with him
- him to be nice to her mother (even though she is so evil)
- him to fix a running tap or do other things at home

She is always complaining and saying that he's not doing enough for her and their family.
After a long day, they sometimes have an average sex with she faking an orgasm.
Mike is sick of that part of his life.

Some of it sounds familiar to you?
Do you want to be like Mike or you are willing to take a step to have an extraordinary love life?

Maybe your situation is not as bad as Mike's, maybe you are still happy in your relationship.

But... do you remember how you were feeling at the beginning of your relationship?
- conversations until late at night
- passion
- amazing sex
We created something that can spice up your relationship again and even fix the broken relations.

There are 3 phases of every relationship.
If you still reading this, you are probably stuck in phase 2.

1. Honeymoon Phase

At the beginning of a relationship, you feel butterflies in your stomach, you are happy and you can't image life without your partner.
In most cases this phase ends after less than a year.

2. Fights & Expectations

The more time you spend with your partner, the more you see he or she is not perfect. 

You begin to have expectations, you say what you don't like. In the end, you argue about almost everything.

3. Conscious Love

To get to this stage you both need to fully accept and understand that you can't change your partner but you can change yourself.

In this phase you are being loved and know how to love.

Do you want to get to phase 3? To love and be loved unconditionally?

Relations Hacker platform is Going to Change Your Life

This is as easy as taking a pill. Step by step guide to making your relationship better than you can even imagine. Take that pill and join us.

Alexander, 58

Thanks to Relations Hacker, I realized how much I am missing in my marriage. Our life was quite boring but it became exciting again. I am 58 years ago and I feel like a teenager again! Everything got better, we talk more, have fun together, and sex... it's like in our 20s.

When our daughter was born, our relationship started to slowly fall apart. I was worried it will all end up with the divorce. Relations Hacker was a life saver for our marriage. We realized we need to spend valuable time together in order to stay close to each other. Private coaching with Karolina and Patryk was really helpful, too.

Marcie, 27

RH will become your new best friend. You will have access to all the knowledge and inspiration wherever you want! This mobile-friendly platform is easy to use and navigate on all of your devices:

Created by a Couple. For you to finally win in a woman-man game.

What will you get:


Date ideas

Scenarios of the most amazing dates EVER. You will never again have to worry about figuring out something creative. With our date ideas you will impress your partner and spend a great time together. 


Romantic gift ideas

Want to impress your partner and don't spend a fortune on it? With our romantic gift ideas, you will find a perfect present for The One You Love. Seeing your partner happy will be the perfect prize for your effort.


Questions & conversation ideas

On the way to work, during a long journey, at the evening when you have nothing to do... Our questions and conversations ideas will spice up every relationship. They will make your bound stronger as well. You will be surprised how many things you didn't know about your partner, even though you thought you know everything about him or her.



If you want to broaden your horizon, you will find an extensive relationship knowledge base on our platform. 

Collection of ebooks and all the know-how to learn about the man-woman game.


'Just because' nice things to make your partner's day... everyday

With less than 1 minute a day you can make your partner permanently happy. Can it get any simplier?

Our 'Just because' list of nice things is an inexhaustible source of inspiration to strengthen your relationship.


Important dates reminder

Do you struggle with remembering the important dates? Birthdays and anniversaries are a must but how about remembering EVERYTHING that is meaningful?

With our dates reminder you can surprise your partner by remembering small celebrations like the day your first kissed. It will make your partner love your forever.


Recipes for a romantic dinner

Cooking together definitely bring people closer. At the end of the day the way to a person's heart is through the stomach. With our romantic dinner ideas, you can cook something delicious to someone you love... or you can do it together.


Many more

Our extensive platform has everything else that you need to make your relationship strong. Games, quizes, shopping ideas are just some of the things you can find there.

Each module will unlock new activity every few days to lead you step by step on the way to a perfect relationship.

You will get all of our e-books:

"Making Intymacy Great Again" 

"How To Be Wife That Husband Still Adore" 

"How To Grow Old Together With Your Partner"" 

"Everlasting Love"" 

"One Special Day Date Ideas" 

"Sex Problems Solutions" 

"Strong Relationship Tips" 

"Understanding The Opposite Sex" 

Take a First Step to Happiness

You really can make your life better by improving your relationship. You deserve to be loved, desired and admired. We know how to build an everlasting happiness and we will help you to do it in your life.

The only thing to do is to take a first step... It will be the best decision you've ever made.

Karolina & Patryk Klesta  //  Authors

We are happily maried couple, parents, digital nomads, bloggers and full-time travellers that visited 40+ countries in the world. Our extraordinary lifestyle forced us to spend 24 hours a day together. The thing that would kill most of the marriages, made our bound even stronger. We've learnt to strengthen our relationship by following the simple rules.

After receiving many questions from our followers on how do we manage to keep the love flame burning, we created this relationship platform for all the couples in need.

The best part?

If You Don't
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You are fully protected by our money back guarantee.
If your relationship won't get better in 90 days, you'll get a 100% refund. Simply contact us and we will issue a refund in less than 48 hours. 

What you get:

  • Date ideas
  • Gift ideas
  • Conversation ideas
  • Know-how
  • 'Just because'
  • Dates reminder
  • Entertainment
  • Romantic recipes
  • Flirty messages
  • eBooks (1 monthly)
  • more...


If Your Relationship Won't Get Better in 90 days, You'll Get a 100% Refund